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Can my kids take backgammon lessons with you?

From Bill Robertie: In my experience, younger kids (under, say, age 16) take to chess because it’s a game of pure logic. Backgammon – based on odds and probabilities – is totally different.

I have generally found that under 16-year-olds do not enjoy individual/one-on-one backgammon lessons, which is why I don’t offer them.

In-person backgammon lessons with a parent and their child are often a lot of fun for both and I do offer those in Boston and New York City by special arrangement. If you’re interested for yourself and your son or daughter, email to gammon_press@msn.com or call me at 781-641-2091.

Lessons & coaching must be paid in advance by credit card or PayPal.
Minimum phone lesson/coaching session is 1 hour – maximum per session is 4 hours.
Minimum in-person lesson/coaching session is 2 hours – maximum per session is 4 hours.
Questions? Email to gammon_press@msn.com or call 781-641-2091.

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