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Backgammon Problems: Tournament Tips

Black on roll owning a 2-cube, leading 11-3 in a 15-point match.

White – Pips 126. Match Score 3/15

Black – Pips 100. Match Score 11/15
Black on roll. Cube action?
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Should Black double? If Black doubles, what should White do?


You’re playing a 15-point match, and you’ve got a very comfortable lead, 11-3. You were doubled to two early on, and you took. Now you’ve broken contact, and you’ve got a big lead in the race, 26 pips.

You’d like to redouble, but you don’t know exactly when it’s right to do so. Clearly it’s right at some point, but – are you there yet?

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Posted: March 6, 2015 | In Backgammon Problems: Tournament Tips

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