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One way to become a winner at backgammon is to study the best books by the best players. A good book can bring mountains of information at a reasonable price and that’s what we have at the Gammon Press, with our collection of books by players like Bill Robertie, and Kit Woolsey. If you want to improve your backgammon this is the perfect starting place.



If you like to learn from videos instead of books, our collection of instructional videos might be just what you’re looking for. We have backgammon videos on general strategy, specific tactics of each phase of the game and commentary on classic matches. Sign up for one of our subscription programs, then learn at your own pace!

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Lessons & Coaching

Do you feel ‘stuck’ at your current level? Are you unhappy with your play, but can’t spot what might be going wrong? Individual backgammon coaching and lessons might be the answer. Two-time World Champion Bill Robertie offers in-person coaching in Boston and New York City, as well as backgammon lessons worldwide via telephone and Skype.


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Backgammon Encyclopedia Volume 2
by Kit Woolsey

The best way to learn how to handle the doubling cube in backgammon is through the study of well-chosen reference positions – positions which capture the essence of particular structures…


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