The Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 2


Kit Woolsey

The best way to learn how to handle the doubling cube in backgammon is through the study of well-chosen reference positions – positions which capture the essence of particular structures and which serve as a guide to understanding positions of a similar type. Kit Woolsey’s Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 1 was a pioneering effort in this direction.

In Volume 2, Kit extends his earlier work with an examination of doubling cube action in 10 new position types:

> Early Advantage
> The Semi-Blitz
> One Man Back
> On the Bar
> Containment
> Hitting a Blot
> Escape
> Priming
> Crunching
> Racing

In each section, Kit shows which features of each position are really crucial, and shows how small changes in different features can dramatically affect the evaluation. It’s a masterful work and a must for any player who seriously wishes to improve.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Info: 108 pages, 242 problems, softbound
Price: $30 + S/H


Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Info: 108 pages, 242 diagrams, softbound
Price: $30 + S/H