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Backgammon Books

The Gammon Press is pleased to announce the publication of Kit Woolsey’s new book, The Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 2. This new book builds on Kit’s work in Volume 1 by examining new doubling reference positions in these 10 categories:

1) Early Advantage
2) The Semi-Blitz
3) One Man Back
4) On the Bar
5) Containment
6) Hitting a Blot
7) Escape
8) Priming
9) Crunching
10) Racing

The Backgammon Encyclopedia, Volume 2 is available now. You can order it from the Backgammon Books section on this website. The price is $30 plus shipping.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the beginning of Chapter 2.

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Posted: June 7, 2017 | In Backgammon Books

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